I am qualified in medicine in Burkina and worked as a clinician before entering methodological research. I completed in 2014 a Master of public heath (oriented in quantitative methods) and in 2018, a PhD in full-time in clinical research and public heath, both at Aix Marseille University, France. My PhD thesis topic was the extension of excess mortality analysis in to the field of clinical research. Previously, I worked in the SESSTIM research unit, as a biostatistician, mainly working on excess hazard and net survival methods in the field of clinical trials. I joined the Bourguignon Digestive Cancer Registry ( EPICAD team - UMR 1231) in January 2020 as a postdoctoral research fellow. Here is a link to my updated list of publications: Updated Publications LIST.


  • Cure models and time-to-cure
  • Excess hazard modeling
  • Survival analysis
  • Life tables
  • Statistical methods for disease mapping (e.g., cluster detection methods, Bayesian hierarchical modeling, multivariate disease mapping).
  • Statistical Software Development in R & C++


  • PhD in Clinical research and public Health (option biostatistics), 2018

    Aix Marseille University

  • Master of Public Health (quantitative and econometric methods in health research), 2014

    Aix Marseille University

  • Doctor of Medicine, 2012

    Université de Ouagadougou



Postdoctoral research fellow

Université de Bourgogne

2020-01-01 – Present Dijon

Responsibilities include:

  • Propose new cure model
  • Model validation (Simulation study)
  • Packaging R code


Aix Marseille University

2019-01-01 – 2019-12-31 Marseille, France

Developing adaptative statistical learning platform for statistical learning

Responsibilities include:

  • Automatic generation of simulated statistical exercices
  • Packaging R code


Data Science: Productivity Tools

See certificate



External Project

using Rpubs to present differences betwenn chisq.test() and prop.test() R functions via external_link.

Internal Project

See talks page.

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Webinar on 'Estimation de la survie nette dans les essais cliniques - Intérêts des méthodes utilisées dans les études populationnelles'.

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